Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Carol Lynn Pearson

One of my all time favorite poets is Carol Lynn Pearson. In my own mind I like to think we are connected. She is close to someone who is close to my family. In my imagination, we are friends.

She is Mormon and long before I was "out" I was captivated by her poetry. I felt as though the words she wrote were meant specifically for me and I cannot even count the times that I was comforted, or uplifted, or motivated, or inspired by her words.

In my REAL life I am no longer affiliated with the Mormon church. In my REAL life I have pain as a result of my former affiliation with the Mormon church. Pain in the relationship with my mother (and she has pain also).

I have mentioned before that I love my mom. Please don't ever think for a moment that I don't. And still there is pain in that relationship. Pain born of my homosexuality and my mother's religious beliefs.

You might ask - how did I get "here" from a blog in which I began posting about Carol Lynn Pearson. Well. She is Mormon, and a mother, and intimate with the topic of the church and homosexuality. She has this idea, called Proposition Healing to increase love and hope "Breaking Bread and Building Understanding" for Mormons and Gays.

In my imaginary world, this friend of a friend is a path to a connection, a healing, with my own mother.

Here is one of her poems:


We feed one another in rations,
Serve affection measured to
The minimum daily requirement,
The very acceptable least--

While love bursts the walls
Of our larder,
Wondering, amazed,
Why we are afraid
To feast.


Teena in Toronto said...

Sounds like she'd be a nice friend to have :)

mistahdoom said...

She's pretty awesome. She's been way nice and outreaching to me.