Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shopping for Christmas

I absolutely LOVE Christmas and I am excited that #1 - This is the first Christmas with our boys as "officially" ours and #2 - That they are both old enough to be excited about it themselves.

Shel sat with them and composed letters to Santa.
CJ wants tractors and Max wants a Car Wash for his room.
A tractor we can handle... A car wash? Hmn.

I went with Max to shop for a present for CJ and it was RIDICULOUS. I cannot justify spending the amount of money these toys cost for the cheap, plastic junk that is being sold. Whatever happened to "REAL" quality toys? Unfortunately for me we are only at the very beginning of our lives together shopping for Christmas. It will only get more expensive from here on out I know. Somehow I don't think they will be excited at all to get socks and underwear. It may be a little early to start that tradition!

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