Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: The gift of giving

Other people participate in Thursday Thirteen and you can check them out by visiting this site.  I enjoy seeing the lists other people make.

One of the things I love the most about the Christmas season is the spirit of giving. I love giving gifts. I am going to make a pretend list here of gifts I would like to give people if I had unlimited funds. It would be nice to give gifts of healing to my family members and friends who are ill and so forth, but I have no control over things like that, but maybe one day I will have loads of money and will be able to give people really cool presents - so this is what I would give if I could.....

1. My friend L.G. - I would give 1000 books. The best books ever.

2. My friend Mel - I would give a mannequin. (Just kidding Mel!) Actually, I probably would, just cause that's funny shiznet right there.

3. My Spouse - I would give a trip to Alaska and the Yukon, and I would even go with her!

4. My Mother - I would give a home in a WARM location, closer to her kids and grandkids than the other side of the world where she is now, and unlimited travel miles first class to visit her family whenever she wants.

5. My oldest son - I would give a working car wash (which is what he wants for Christmas.) I just wouldn't put it in his bedroom (which is where he wants it!)

6. My youngest son - I would give a tractor. A real one!

7. My dad - a toupee. Oh, that made me laugh daddy. No, I would give dad a state of the art theater room all decked out with a sweet screen and sound system and keep him supplied with any movie he ever wanted - without people coughing or sneezing or standing up in front of the picture cause the movies people "give him" are sometimes accidentally "pirated"! And maybe tickets for him, my mom, my brother (I would give one to Justin but I don't think he would use it so I'll give one to Jared) and myself to a Liverpool soccer game at Anfield.

8. My friend Dave - I would give an assistant to do all his typing and reports for work (Or a computer system he can talk into that does all his typing for him). First however I would give him a floor stripper and waxer because once I told him if I ever were rich enough to afford it I would give him floor wax. He's a mean stripper.

9. My In-laws - a trip a year to whatever Casino they want. (and maybe some money to spend while they are there!)

10. My whole family - I would give a family vacation together where no-one has to do anything but have fun.

11. My Aunty Bren - I would give a vacation. Anywhere she wants for however long she wants.

12. The public library in our town - I would give a comprehensive collection of every LGBT book every written.

13. My pets - I would give the best food and toys EVAH.  

How about you? What would you give?


Janet said...

Great post! Man...there are so many things I'd like to give!

Teena in Toronto said...

Mmmm ... how about you just surprise me?!