Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday movie meme

This meme is hosted by the Bumbles. You can link to their blog here to see other participants!

This week's movie topic is all about Family Dynamics...

Here are my favorite families in film:

Four Christmases - Both Children of divorce, a couple visit all four parents at Christmas.

The Other Sister - A mentally handicapped girl moves out on her own and challenges her families expectations of her. Diane Keaton is a phenomenal mother in this movie.

As Good as It Gets - A single mom develops a relationship with an eccentric older man.

The Sound of Music - The Von Trapps! Is there a better movie family anywhere?

Set it Off - O.k. some will argue this movie is about friends and not families, I believe that sometimes we create our own families out of necessity when our families of origin are not available to us.

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