Friday, December 3, 2010

Survivor quitters are LAME

I have watched all 21 seasons of Survivor. There is nothing that bothers me MORE than people quitting in the middle of the game. It drives me insane. There are SOOO many people who would do anything to be on the show, and others who are voted off who would do anything to STAY on the show that for people to quit is an insult to everyone, and also to the viewers.
There should be some kind of penalty to them, and there is NO way they should sit on the jury to decide the fate of those still playing. How lame.


Kendra said...

I thought it was dumb to leave so close to the end too. Definetely think that the 2 people voted out before the jury should come back and be on the jury!

Teena in Toronto said...

NaOnka and Purple Kelly were such wimps, eh? And how about NaOnka chowing down on food, letting Holly take one for the team and then quit!? Jeff was soooo not pleased with them!