Thursday, October 9, 2008

wiper warmer

When I was living in the USA I had the opportunity with my spouse to look after a baby girl for one of my professors. we would go in the morning while our friend would teach and her husband was at work and we would look after her newborn.
It was an interesting experience for us, because our friend is a sociologist who has published a lot on the topics of gender and work and she has some very strong opinions which she shared in class. To see the way she lived in comparison to the beliefs she so strongly espoused in the classroom was a topic of mush discussion for my spouse and I, but that's not what i want to post about.
She had a diaper wipe warmer. Oh, I laughed. Who would have a warmer for diaper wipes? I thought it was an example of the extremes people will go to for their children. I thought it was silly.
Ten or more years later and now with children of my own. I would give just about anything for a diaper wipe warmer! In fact, If I can ever find one I will certainly buy it and if any of my friends have kids I will try to find one for them as a baby shower gift. These things ROCK and I have totally changed my mind about how silly they are. I have seen the error of my judgemental ways. Babies should not ever have to experience the numbing chill of frozen wipes. I think the incidences of parents getting urinated on would be reduced of more babies had warm wipes. The shock of cold has something to do with the spurt of pee we are constantly bathed in - I'm sure of it.

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