Thursday, October 9, 2008

gripe water

A few weeks ago I made a comment about gripe water and Janet asked what it was.
I have been meaning to answer her, but I got sick, thought I was better but I got sick again, so I haven't come back to the question.
Gripe water is a "home remedy" for babies with colic or other gastric problems. You can buy it over the counter and you are supposed to give it to babies in a dropper to relieve gas pain. According to Wikipedia it is of questionable reliability. I know gripe water from when my younger siblings were born. I loved to dip my finger into the bottle. I don't think we have ever dispensed it through an eye dropper, we just dip the babies soother into it and then pop the soother into their mouths. Max wasn't such a fan of it, but CJ seems to like it.
It basically has bicarb, dill, and some other things in it. I love the taste of it and always have. it has proven to be something that works for us with CJ -but I am very clumsy in the middle of the night and I have knocked over more bottles than I can count. Watching it spill at 3am can bring a tear to my eye.

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