Thursday, October 30, 2008

Proposition 8

So I don't live in California, in fact I don't even live in the USA, but at one time I did and it was the US policy on gays and gay marriage that prompted our move to Canada. Don't get me wrong. I like Canada, however, I had a good job, good friends and a good life in the USA where I would still be today if the USA recognised gay couples for the LEGITIMATE unions that they are.
I worked for the State of Utah. I did a GOOD job at the place where I worked. I paid taxes. I should have been entitled to the same rights and privileges that heterosexuals enjoy without a thought. Some of my heterosexual relatives are working to get proposition 8 passed in California. I wonder if they have any idea of the negative impact it will have on hundreds of thousands of lives. I can't imagine that that have ANY clue. Not one of them has ever spoken to me about gay issues and I don't imagine they have spoken to anyone who is affected directly by this proposition.
I am astounded at the political action motivated around stopping people from being married in the USA. I am against Proposition 8. I doubt my opposition means anything to anyone who will be voting on this issue and yet I will still let my voice (small as it may be) be heard.

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