Thursday, October 16, 2008

6 Random things

My friend Ranavan tagged me on her blog to post 6 random things about myself.

Here are my 6....

1. I sleep with one hand above my head. If I am sleeping in a bed with a headboard I touch the headboard while I sleep. If I am in a bed without a headboard, I touch the wall.

2. I decided this week that my absolute FAVORITE sound is when my son giggles. He has lately started copying my spouse and I and when we laugh, he laughs aswell. It is super cute and funny. He thinks he is in on the joke.

3. I can (often) change my dreams as I am dreaming them. I used to have a recurring dream of falling and hitting the ground and one night I changed the ground into a pool and didn't crash upon impact.

4. I like to make lists. I have all kinds of lists. I like to check things off my lists. If I do something that wasn't on my original list I will add it so I can check it off.

5. I don't think I will ever be the kind of mother my mother was to me. She was/is amazing and I hope I can do for my children just a part of what she did/does for me.

Obviously I cannot count. Thanks Ranavan for pointing out my error and here is number 6!

6. Lately I have craved cheese and pickled onion sandwiches. I have one every night before bed.
My spouse - and the baby - are not fans of me eating pickled onions before bed.


Ranavan said...

Hey, that was only 5 random things!!!

JCB said...

LOL at me. I guess #6 would be I don't follow directions well!