Tuesday, October 21, 2008

25 months

Dear Max,
Wow, I don't know how the time has gotten away from me these past few months but it appears I have missed writing to you twice already. You are now a two year old and have entered this stage with fury. On your second birthday you woke up and promptly climbed out of your crib onto your change table where you got stuck and stood and called us until we came and saved you. I think you must not have liked the experience because (thankfully) you haven't done it again.
With all the time that has passed since I last wrote you would think I have a whole lot to say....
When you get up in the morning you walk with me to the back door when I leave for work. A few times you have been upset that I am leaving and it breaks my heart to close the door and walk away from you. I never thought that would happen to me!
Now that we have another little baby in the house your sensitive side has come shining through. You are so gentle with him and he is captivated by you. He watches everything you do and smiles at you constantly. You pat his back and put his soother in his mouth and are very loving with him. You rock him in his little chair, luckily you haven't yet rocked him OUT of his chair with your enthusiasm. When he arrived your mom got you a baby doll so that you would have your own "baby" to carry around and feed and burp etc. we thought it would help you to have your own baby, but you were completely uninterested in doing anything other than dragging it around by the head. Then when you were in the store with mom you picked up a stuffed tiger and you haven't put it down since. You carry it everywhere, try to feed it, you pat it's back and sleep with it, but it was the beginning of an amusing obsession with stuffed toys. Starting out with tiger you have now added to your menagerie a polar bear, a cat, and a dog. They ALL go everywhere with you and I have to pick them all up out of bed before you will get up in the morning and they all have to go with you in the van and to your naps and around the yard... everywhere. I now avoid walking you past any other stuffed animals because there soon will not be room in your crib for you!
Your mom called me at work the other day to say you had something to show me when I got home from work. When I walked in the door and you came around the corner I thought you had cut your own hair! That wasn't what your mom was talking about - she cut your hair (but I'm still telling people you did it!) - you found a hiding spot under the sink in the bathroom and think it is hilarious to hide under there and open the door and say 'HI!" when someone walks into the room.
I don't know if I mentioned your biting in the last letter I wrote to you. When you get very excited you bite. You don't do it often, and after the bite you gave me on my shoulder I have come to recognise the "bite approach" and avoid it. Poor Tora also recognises the bite approach. She isn't as fast moving as your ninja mommy and so she has been bitten a few times. So far she hasn't bitten you back, she really lets you do anything to her at all (including inspect her teeth and gums) but she is not a fan of the bite approach. I don't blame her.
Now that the weather has changed we have put away the fans in the quonset and relieved ourselves of your fan obsession. Not to be outdone, you now have an electricity obsession (to go with your phone and remote control obsession) and continually turn lights on and off and are drawn to anything which plugs in. We are trying to adapt, but you are hard to outdo! I am afraid I will never find the remotes if I put them in a place you can't think of.
Well bud. I will sign off for now.
I hope I have the strength to deal with you for the next 11 months you are a 2 year old. Be kind to your mommies!
Love mom

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