Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen : thirteen things I have neglected

For the past few weeks I fell behind in blogging. I have no real "excuse" but my mom was here and we were very busy doing things other than sitting at the computer.

Since she has been gone I don't know what my problem has been but I have been completed sapped of energy and I feel as though I am barely functioning. All the things I am responsible to get done have fallen to the wayside and I am only managing to get home, eat supper, bath with my boy and go to bed.

Here are thirteen things I have neglected to do since my mom left.

1. Homework. You may think "Julie never does homework" and you would be SOMEWHAT correct... but I have been doing more lately, just not enough as I need to be doing.

2. Playing with Max.

3. Working on pulling down the old barn/house we started working on when my mom was here.

4. Evening dishes. I was getting into a fairly good habit of doing the dishes at night before my mom came. When my mom was here she did a LOT of dishes and I just got right out of the habit of doing them. I am struggling to get back into the habit.

5. Cleaning up in general. I like to think I was being MORE helpful around the house. I am pretty certain my spousal unit would say I have a LONG way to go in this area - especially these last few weeks.

6. Reading. I am falling behind in my 888 challenge

7. Watching tv - really folks, I should be watching WAY more tv than I am.

8. Sleeping. All I want to do is crawl into bed the minute I walk in the door from work. In fact, I don't want to wait to get home from work to go to bed, more accurately, in the middle of the afternoon, at work, I want to go to bed. I am not sleeping near as much as my brain is screaming for.

9. Playing video games. With everything else I am not doing, the priority for this falls WAY WAY off.

10. Yard work. We now have our OWN (insert comment here about 30 yr mortgage) HUGE yard and there are projects galore to work on. I am falling behind on all of them. I could actually write thirteen YARD projects I am neglecting but maybe I will save that for next week.

11. Pruning. It's true. I haven't pruned since my mom left. I do still think about pruning - a lot.

12. Attending "PD" opportunities at work. This month is the month for all the "PD" opportunities at work. You have to sign up for them in advance and I did, then when it was time to actually go, I bagged out of two of them because I just didn't want to go and deal with people. I will say that BOTH times I had a legitimate reason to say I wasn't going, but neither time was it anything that couldn't have waited. Today I FORCED myself to go to something I signed up for. I have another one tomorrow and I will make myself do that too, but I am not feeling in the mood for them.

13. I was going to say sex, just to make this post more exciting, but instead I will say...... I am neglecting.... eating. True story. Don't think I have completely stopped all eating. I don't need an intervention or anything and I haven't gone bulemic. Making myself throw up would make me puke. I am just feeling "full". Unfortunately I am not losing any weight.


Unknown said...

All of that sounds familar, I went through/go through a similar phase after spending time with my family. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

My list of neglected things could go on and on. Except for sleep ... I could never neglect sleep.