Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Ten Favorite Time Wasters

This week at Ten on Tuesday (you can link to it here), the theme is 10 favorite time wasters.
Here are mine in no particular order:
Believe it or not this challenge was an interesting one for me. I am very time conscious and so regardless of what I am doing I will check the time to see how long I have been at it. I am a good procrastinator, but I am very conscious of time.

1. Blogging. I thoroughly enjoy blogging and I take every opportunity I can to get on and update my blog. I also check out other blogs which I am interested in and I'm always disappointed when others have not updated their blogs. I am a lurker though, so when I visit other blogs I never comment - or rarely comment. My spouse comments on others blogs and they in turn visit her. She gets a lot more hits on her blog in one day than I think I have ever had in the time I have been writing.
2. Picking. I would have to say that this is my worst habit, my biggest compulsion and something I should quit altogether. I have done it as long as I can remember (my earliest recollection of someone telling me to quit doing it was when I was about 8 or 9). This is the one thing I can do and become completely oblivious to the time passing and literally hours will have gone by. I wonder if I kept track of the time I spend picking what it would add up to in a week.
3. Pruning. This year is the first year that I have had trees, tools and time to prune to my hearts content. When my mom was here she was stoking the fire and I was up on a ladder in the tree outside the kitchen window. I just think "one more, one more". I could literally prune for hours on end without even giving it a second thought. I don't really know if this counts as a time waster because it is actually time being productive.
4. Logic Puzzles. Love them. Don't spend as much time on them as I would like.
5. Making Lists. I will even make a list of things I have done already, just so I can check them all off.
6.Games on Msn.com. peggle, mahjong, zuma ... if I have a minute, I'm playing. I particularly like to win badges. If you are interested in knowing, I currently have 191 badges. That's better than a picture of the queen and didn't just happen overnight.
7. Looking at houses. I have never really been one for shopping. I like to go in, get what I want and leave. I am not a good browser and I dislike going from one store to another to check out the different prices and then go back to the place I found the cheapest item. Houses on the other hand are a completely different matter. I like to look at the ads for houses posted in the windows of the real estate agents. I like to visit houses. My spouse and I used to do this all the time (before we bought our house) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a bit more difficult and less enjoyable to do toting a toddler around. I still check out the MLS website and I frequently visit bbcanada.com to look at bed and breakfasts for sale. I also like all shows on the home and garden channel or the bbc when they show people house hunting.
8. Channel surfing.
9. Facebook, youtube, other internet sites I have actually found people on facebook whom I lost contact with over the years and whom I AM interested in keeping up to date with. I spend a bit too much time taking pointless quizzes - like which soccer player I am, or which superhero, though I have resisted (so far) knowing what my porn name would be.
10. Video Games. I haven't played many games recently but I have now hooked up the PS2 so I plan on wasting some time on games in the near future.


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Picking? Like your skin, you mean?

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