Monday, May 12, 2008

888 challenge update

This week I completed one of the 8 categories for my 888 challenge. I finished reading 8 books which I checked out from the library.
I am slightly concerned that I will not be able to finish this challenge when I look at all I need to complete for school which started again this past weekend. I have an AMAZING amount to read for this class in addition to some major assignments, class presentations and preparing for an exam.
The last book I read from the library was a Dean Koontz book. I am sure - because he is a prolific author - that there are people who really like his books. I am not one of those people. Especially after reading this last book I will not ever read another of his books.
I think one of my personality quirks - which I had a hard time coming up with for an earlier blog challenge - is that I find it hard once I begin a book to not finish it, even if the book is not one I enjoy.
I started to read this book by Dean Koontz (The Darkest Night of the Year) and I had an instant dislike which did not diminish through the entire book. I WISH I could just put down these books which I hate, but instead I trudge through them and because I don't like them they take me AGES to read. I thought I was getting better at this - I started to read "The Known World" for the Pulitzer project I am also participating in, but after getting stuck in it not once, but twice, I put it down and determined not to try to read it again - at least for a while.
So I thought I had overcome this little "issue" I have with not being able to quit reading, even when I hate the book. Then I started this book by Dean Koontz and found in fact that I have NOT overcome my issues. I read the whole thing. I hated it, but I have now completed ONE of my categories, so I have something to be happy about.

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