Thursday, May 15, 2008


How much fun can one wheelbarrow provide?
I have always wanted a wheelbarrow and it seems we never lived in a location that was conducive to owning one. When we lived in the USA we lived in a yard that was so small a wheelbarrow would have filled the entire yard. I'm only slightly exaggerating.
When we bought our little acreage and moved in last year the previous owners left a wheelbarrow and I was EXCITED about it.
We busted it out this spring and have been using it. Earlier this week I plunked my boy into it to give him a ride around the yard. Initially he was not so excited and for his first trip I pushed and he held hands with his other mommy and with his attie (grandma). Since that first trip he has been addicted and wants to be pushed constantly. To illustrate the kind of control he exerts on the adults in his life, yesterday me, my mom and my spouse took turns wheeling him around. This makes it a "little" difficult to use the barrow for what it was intended, because his little body is always in it.
After he went to bed the three adults headed out to the demo pile to keep working on our project. We are taking apart the old building that was bulldozed and then left in a pile of wood, metal and junk on the edge of our property. In addition to being an eyesore, I didn't want the little guy becoming interested in the pile and hurting himself on it so it was on my list of summer projects to remove. My mom decided to help with this project and has single handed removed at least half of it in the time she has spent with us. We make piles of wood and then wheel them over (when we can use the wheelbarrow) over to the firepit where we burn the wood. We are making piles of the other parts and pieces for trips to the dump.
Last night on the way over to the site, I wheeled my spouse. On the way back to the house I pushed my mom and then she pushed me. It was hilarious and we need to do it again when we have the camera.
I would highly recommend everyone get a wheelbarrow, not only for the practical uses, but also for the hours of entertainment they can provide.

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