Friday, May 23, 2008

20 months old

Dear Max,

You are twenty months old already, the time seems to be flying by so quickly. You have had a very busy month this past month. We took a LONG car ride to visit your uncle and aunt and cousins and you travelled more marvellously than we could have hoped for.

You played so well with your cousins and recalling your laughter as you played with the puppy still brings a smile to my face.

You are such a hard worker, you pick up any (every) garden or cleaning implement you encounter and get right to work.

Your granny came with us to the house for two weeks and you are old enough on this visit to interact with her (the last time you saw her you were only a few months old and you weren't doing much other than crying at that time) . You formed a wonderful bond with her and it was great to see you just run up to her and hug her legs or play peekaboo with her while she was talking on the phone. Why is it that grannie's have such an amazing connection with their grandbabies? She pushed you in the wheelbarrow, played "clap hands" with you, and introduced you to dishwashing. When she traced your hands and feet for a cart to Aunty T. you couldn't get enough of it and kept lifting your feet for her to do more. We played at the playground with you, had ice-cream at the park and went for walks. You loved every minute of it and since she left we have to repeatedly show you that her room is empty because for some reason you are convinced that she is just hiding out!

You are still learning things at lightening speed - everything except speaking that is - and when we went on our trip to the airport when granny left, you learned to drink through a straw in less than a minute (should I be surprised?)

Now that the summer is arriving, your bedroom is getting warm and you are sleeping in just a pajama top and a diaper. We were contemplating putting a ceiling fan in your room but we are worried that you won't get a wink of sleep. You are so obsessed with fans that you will likely stay awake all night just to look at it. I don't know how we are going to manage the heat of the summer in the house because we haven't figured out a way to have you in the same room as a fan without driving us crazy wanting to turn it on and off (which I am certain would keep you entertained for hours) or pointing at it as if we have not noticed it yet.

Your schedule has just been a mess with all the travelling we have undertaken this last month. Last night you were so tired you could not stand up, but you were determined that it was not time for you to be in your crib. I sat with you in the rocking chair and you "tickled" my neck and I tickled you back. These moments of laughter are precious to me.
I love you buddy,


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