Thursday, January 3, 2013


Yesterday I thought I had a crappy day. I guess I should say I had a crappy day yesterday - until I thought about it today.

I am RIDICULOUSLY busy at work. My kids are all sick and needed immediate care. I had to leave work to take them to the doctor with Shel then entertain two of them while the others were at outpatients. I got further and further behind at work, the boys were acting out, the prescription cards didn't work to pay for the meds we needed. The outpatient visit took more than 4 hours. The babies had to have tests that were painful. Jumping bean did what three year olds do best and had a tantrum in the waiting room. Shel and I had a "whisper" argument in the hospital. Max and CJ acted out HORRIBLY in their appointment at the medical clinic with me. Max had a VERY sick stomach and we had to keep stopping and taking him to poo in public bathrooms and he is neither a speedy, nor a quiet pooper and requires someone to remain in the room with him at all times.

The day just seemed to get worse and worse and I was mad, sad, grumpy, who knows what all else by the end of the day.

Then I couldnt sleep and woke up with a headache.

Today I saw this photo on facebook on the Emilie Parker Fund page.

Emilie Parker was a 6 year old girl killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. This is a photo of the employees of the Salt Lake Airport who stood to honor Emilie as she arrived home in Salt Lake City.

I am so humbled.

 Photo: We wanted to give the most sincere thank you to Jet Blue Airlines for their pure motivation and intent on helping the family travel in privacy and respect.  They showed love and compassion on a personal level, and we think "thank you" just isn't good enough for what you have done for the family.  

We want to thank US airways for the tender care in the transportation of sweet Emilie to Salt Lake City. We want to thank the Salt Lake City airport employees, who so kindly stood to honor Sweet Emilie.  This picture is precious.  Thank you for your kindness.

You all have served the family so kindly.  We just can't thank you enough.

Hug Your Kids. My day was not such a bad one after all.

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