Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Canadian Book Challenge: Cures for Hunger

This is the SIXTH book I am reading for this challenge - even though I STILL have not been updated on the book page itself!
The Canadian Book Challenge
I just read the book "Cures for Hunger" by Deni Bechard. This is the true story of a young man who grows up in BC and is taken with his siblings by his mom when she leaves his dad and returns to the USA. Deni learns about his dads criminal past as he is growing and becomes captivated with finding out who his dad "really is". I dont know who was hungry or what the cure for it is either.
I absolutely hated this book. It was a pain to get through and I found it tedious and boring. One of the reviewers commented that the book made readers want to explore their own relationships with their parents - I certainly didn't come up with that through the story. I am glad I read for book for one purpose only and that's because the author was Canadian and I can cross off another book on my list for this challenge. That's it - and to be honest it may not even have been worth that!
Cures for Hunger: A Memoir

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