Monday, January 21, 2013

long car ride

The roads were terrible and we drove slowly. We have boys that need to use the bathroom with regularity and they are NOT quick about it and so this adds time and stops to the journey.
On the way down we were so tired everything just started to be silly. Shel was trying to entertain the boys with everything she could think of and she asked them the color of the setting sun. CJ started to sing "pink and blue, pink and blue, pink and blue" which he sang for about 2 hours. I was trying to get him to sing different colours by introducung every song I knew with a color in it but he was determined to sing the sunset colours without distraction. Max at one point tried to join in but CJ told him in no uncertain terms that he was messing up the song which struck our funny bones. NOT the most complex words to get confused over, but he insisted he needed to sing alone. 
Of course they asked repeatedly " Are we there yet?" As we drove into Whitecourt, CJ asked where we were and I told him. Then he asked if we were in Edmonton yet and I said no, we were in Whitecourt. Then he asked where we were and I said "Whitecourt" (for the third time) and he said "STILL!!!!????" The entire interaction took place in the space of a minute and a half so I am not sure where he thought we SHOULD be, but he was not impressed we were still there.
Considering how many hours we were in the van they were all extremely well behaved, but I hope to never again travel such a distance in such terrible weather..

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Teena in Toronto said...

Glad you made it safely :)