Thursday, January 10, 2013

Canadian Book Challenge: Magebane

The Canadian Book Challenge
This is the SEVENTH book out of 13 that I need to read for the Canadian Book Challenge.
It was a total accidental addition to the challenge, it was a book I wanted to read and it just HAPPENED to be written by a Canadian! BONUS! Lee Arthur Change was born in the USA but lives in and is married to a Canadian - so I'm counting it baby!


This is Change's first book and I wish he had written more already.

In the kingdom of Evrenfel, MageLords rule. MageLords are a powerful magic wielding race who have fled to Evrenfel from an older kingdom where they were under attack. In order to protect themselves in this new world they have created impermeable magic "barriers" for borders.
Like all kingdoms the political system is corrupt. A group exists whose purpose for many years has been to destroy the barriers and take over the leadership of the kingdom. Within the group the motivations for tearing down the barrier are varied and the leaders begin to doubt the commitment of one another. As the day draws near for the final plan to be set in motion this lack of trust deteriorates and pits MageLord against MageLord in a series of events that threats the success of the plan.
In the middle of the treason and plot all off a sudden from over the top of the Barrier arrive two men in a balloon - not powered at all by magic, but by science.
If the plan to remove the Barrier exists - what will the MageLords face?

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