Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday Thirteen: The gift of giving (year 2)

I did this a few years ago on my blog and had a ball planning it out, so I am doing it again this year.

One of the things I love the most about the Christmas season is the spirit of giving. I love giving gifts. I am going to make a pretend list here of gifts I would like to give people if I had unlimited funds. It would be nice to give gifts of healing to my family members and friends who are in need of a healers touch, but I have no control over things like that. Maybe one day I will have loads of money and will be able to give people really cool presents - but for now I can just wish for fun things to give away and so this is what I would give if I could.....

1. For my Blog friend Teena: I would get her a trip for two to Germany and a Beer Tour!

2. For my sons: I would build an addition to each of their bedrooms - a slide from their room on the second floor to the living room on the first floor. I know they would love an indoor playground and perhaps running up the stairs to use the slide would have an additional benefit for me :)

3. For my spouse : I would buy round bales of hay. Enough round bales to put all the way around our property. She has big plans for round bales and thinks I am opposed to them. She would LOVE this gift!

4. For my friend Loralee: I would build an indoor doggie park where she could take Cletus anytime of the year to play and play and play and not get attacked by vicious dogs in the neighbourhood or tormented by kids in the backyard. Since this present is REALLY for Cletus I would add a lifetime supply of Frog Calendars for Loralee. She loves them.

5. For my friend Mel: I would buy matching kilts for her and I and a photographer to follow us around taking photos with strangers. (so that wouldn't take a lot of money but oh how flipping funny that would be.) I would also buy her a piece of land in Scotland from HERE so I could call her "Milady Melody".

6. For my Sister Jill: I would buy a truckload of VERY cute fabric and a wicked sewing machine for all of her sewing projects. (this would not be seen as a punishment I am certain!)

7. For my baby bird: I would buy a whole closet of dress-up clothes - really this is so that she will stop dressing in the boys underwear as we are folding laundry or taking boots from the back door to wear so I can't find boots when I am dressing the boys for the bus in the morning. 

8. For my mother: I would buy one of those weekly grocery deliveries of exotic fruit - for the rest of her days. I haven't seen anything like this recently but I used to see these things that you could pay for and have groceries or fruit or treats delivered through the mail. Mom would be in HEAVEN with fresh fruit weekly!

9. For my friend David. I would buy a floor cleaning company. When we worked in youth corrections he would stay up all night and strip and wax the floors because the staff had to do all the cleaning in the facility. I told him I would get him a sweet floor stripped if I ever had the money but what the hell - I'll get him a whole COMPANY of floor cleaners. Then he can tell people what to do.

10. For my mother in law. I would buy a tractor. So she could give it back to us. When she stayed with us this year she told me every day I needed one. I agree. I think she should give it to me!

11. For my dog Rescue Puppy. 365 chew toys. One for every day of the year so she can stop eating everything in my house. I mean EVERYTHING.

12. For the town where I live: A movie theater.

13. For myself : A ghost writer to finish my thesis FAST.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Gord would love it if you gave me a trip to Germany AND a beer tour ... you know how much he loves beer :) Thanks :)