Tuesday, December 11, 2012

REAL Christmas music

My mom was able to come and spend some time with us in November. It was awesome (as always) to have her and we celebrated a bit of an early Christmas. We put up the tree, had a Christmas meal, sang carols and exchanged some small gifts with one another.
I am a HUGE fan of Christmas carols and never tire of hearing them. We busted out the CD's and started to sing along.
I learned for the first time that Max has a favorite Christmas carol - he loves Deck the Halls and sings along to every fa la la. I also learned that he considers Boney M to be "REAL" Christmas music and a couple of times when we were listening so something other than Boney M he threatened to remove the source of all music playing (he IS is charge of music in our house if you didn't know) unless we played REAL Christmas Music.
Thank goodness Boney M is a favorite of everyone in the house!

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Teena in Toronto said...

A couple Boney M songs would be okay ... but a whole album?! Ha!