Sunday, November 8, 2009


It's after 9pm and we are hanging in the living room with two kids who are overtired. We don't have this bedtime ritual worked out yet since we moved the baby out of our bedroom. We figured it was due since he was 15 months old and had been in our room since birth, but I think we are getting LESS sleep since moving him out of the room. I love these boys more than I knew was possible, but parenting does not come easily to me.

Max is balancing books and Cj is clapping and saying "yay" every time Max makes a successful pile.

Max's words are coming with a fury now it seems. The speech therapist said to only expect two words by the end of the school year and the surgery on his ears apparently didn't work so we didn't even expect to get two words from him.

His first word was "onion" and he jumped right from onion to "Hi MOM." He was saying "ma" but the speech therapist said it was too much of a sound and not enough of a word to count for anything.

Since he started school a month ago he has said "ball", tried to say "bat", said "go" and today he said "ice". we are excited about every new word he says, but he seems to be getting MORE and not LESS frustrated with his communication. Oi vey.