Thursday, November 12, 2009

12 of 12

12 of 12 is courtesy of Chad Darnell. I will put a link up here asap. I need to hurry and post this though, so I will come back with the link..... enjoy!
Here is the link to Chad's site. Check it out! It's worth your time.

I am posting these backwards because I am having issues with my internet connection and I want to get this posted in the next 20 minutes... my apologies.

#1. My baby is up WAYYYY too late but he thinks if he is cute he will get away with something. He is right. He should not be playing with his phone but SLEEPING.

#2. I love, love, love the PVR. It means when I get home late I can still watch my favorite shows and PAUSE the action when something "interesting" is on the screen!

#3. Zuva got a new collar. It is a reflective collar. She apparently has had a long day and is sleeping. Unlike me and the baby.

#4. Nyxie had an extra long day. It looks like Max got into the paint and tried to color her up. He doesn't realize Halloween is over. Poor Kitty needs a bath.

#5. It's 10:30. I am still resenting daylight savings. That means that my body thinks it is 11:30 pm.
#6. This is what is left of my Birthday Balloons. The have held their helium very well.

#7. This is a picture of an actual article from this weeks newspaper in my town(the paper gets published once a week and I just bought this weeks edition today). Front page news. "The plop hits the spot."
#9. This was sometime around 6pm? My desktop. The only thing better than P!nk is .... 4 P!nk's

#10. 9am at work. Not the best picture, I was trying to show that the red light is on. That means there is a message for me (or messages) at work. I hate seeing this little red light primarily because there are a few people who call me REPEATEDLY and so instead of getting one message I get seven from the same person.

#11. Who gets a new finger condom? I DO! I DO! It even has little breathy holes so my finger doesn't sweat while I do paperwork :)

#12. So I got a NEW phone at work. I don't know why I am excited about a new phone - now there are two phones on my desk one right next to the other which I think is very funny. I like new things and it is prettier than my "old" phone. Unfortunately people can still leave multiple messages for me :(


Bec said...

Cute babies sure do get away with a lot! :)

Jill said...

Your son is SO adorable! He must know that, since he's getting away with being up past his bedtime. ;)
Happy (belated) Birthday, too!

Replying to your question on Knots: I went to the Whaling Museum in New Bedford, Massachusetts about a month ago and there was a display by the International Knot Tying Guild and I was really interested in what they do. A couple weeks ago I thought of them, did an internet search on how-tos and now I'm hooked!