Saturday, November 14, 2009

word update

The appointment with the hearing specialist is at the end of this week and we are nervous to hear what the prognosis is for our boy. In the meantime he is saying new words almost every day. This week he said ice and rice, yesterday he said bottle, and today he said bubbles while he was in the tub!

Shel and I are going to look and see if there are any opportunities to take sign language classes somewhere. That's one of the drawbacks of living so far away from a major center - we don't have lots of opportunities for things like that. at this point we are willing to travel to learn what we can. He picks it up very quickly, it is harder for us and we are just hunting and pecking for individual signs on the internet as we think we need them. I really think he would be using a lot more signs if we were. The challenge is to get him to use the correct sign all the time because he really modifies them. Shel and I understand what he means, but anyone else using REAL sign language would have no clue!
Unfortunately we cannot find a sign for worchestershire sauce which is a staple in his life. He isn't quite ready for finger spelling!

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