Saturday, November 7, 2009

machinery going ALL DAY

I am having a very indulgent day. I slept in, read a book from cover to cover, watched some UFC fights and now I am watching a movie and eating popcorn. I love this kind of a day.
all day long - from the time I woke up until long after dark I have been listening to the machinery of the farmer going over the land all around us. It has made me realize a few things... Number 1. It is very easy to become accustomed to the absolute silence out here, and to appreciate it. The noise of them working has been annoying all day and every time we let Zuva outside she barks like mad which is more annoying. She has a lot to get used to with the changing landscape and being alone.
Number 2. Whomever it is that is working the machinery in the field is a ridiculous worker. I can't imagine that the thing has a very good heater and it has not stopped going ALL day and it is cold out. The machine has literally not been turned off for a lot of hours. They obviously want to turn what was bush into viable farmland as quickly as possible and they are sparing no expense to get it ready as soon as possible and start making money off it.
Number 3. They must have a whack of money - for the time and the equipment that has been coming and going, even if they don't own this machinery they are paying a pretty penny to rent it and get the work done.
Number 4. As annoying as it is to hear them working all day, the sooner they are done the sooner we will not have to listen to it anymore and it will just be the "normal" farmer work being done in the fields.
Number 5. We REALLY need to be ready first thing in the spring to get our windbreak up as soon as possible and put some trees on our property. We will never be able to replace what was there, but we will be able to make a difference --- THAT IS OUR GOAL.

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