Sunday, November 1, 2009

November already

Our beloved Tora is resting in peace now. She was a gentle soul and we all miss her desperately. October was a hard month for us all. With putting Tora to sleep and all the medical appointments for Max we were coming and going all month long.

I can't believe the month is already over. Maxie has been in school already for a month. He seems to be settling in - or he is just very excited every day to be picked up! The speech therapist said we should set a goal for him for the year of learning two words. His first word was "onion" which cracks me up. This week when I picked him up the teachers said he said "ball". We are super excited that he has already said two words because in one of his appointments this month the doctor said he was "profoundly" deaf and that the surgery in September for his ears didn't work.

Max has decided that he LOVES pumpkin carving. We carved a few together and he had a complete ball.

The farmer finished cutting down all the trees to the north of us leaving us completely exposed - and feeling it. It looks horrible and we can barely wait until spring to get new trees planted. I am sure it will make a difference, but it will never be the same.

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