Sunday, November 15, 2009

sunday stealing

Sunday Stealing: The Over the Top Meme

Part One - Describe:

Your hair? Short

Your mother? Tall. My mom is an amazing woman. She is the hardest worker I have ever known.

Your father? My dad is the strong silent type. He has a wicked sense of humor. He loves technology.

Your favorite food? Mexican.

Your dream last night? I had a totally weird dream last night. I was living at home, my parents owned two properties and were selling one. I was upset they were selling one and they told me if I was so upset I should buy it and move out. I was shocked they would ask me to move out!

Your favorite drink? I love Dr. Pepper, the American kind.

Your dream/goal? My current goal is to make some home improvements and get the boys to sleep the night through.

The room are you in? I'm at home in my living room.

Your hobby? I love reading, but is that a hobby? I love crafting and cross stitch. I am itching to start a new cross stitch but can't decide on what project to work on.

Your fear? Losing someone close to me.

Your TV? We currently have one working television in the house. It is a 13 inch tv/dvd combo and it is on top of the armoire where no-one can reach it.

Your Pets? The pet population in our house has been dramatically reduced in the last month and a half. We now have two cats and one dog.

Friends? I have some!

Your life? It has certainly taken me to places I never thought possible, places I never even knew existed!

Your mood? I'm working on improving my mood. My spouse watched something that said coke has a negative effect on mood so I am trying to reduce my coke intake and fight the headaches I get EVERYtime I try. (I have given up coke more times than I can count and I always end up drinking it again!)

If you're missing someone? I miss my parents.

Part Two - The Where's?

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Wow, In six years I will have two boys in school, so wherever we are it will be close to a great school, and hopefully closer someone in my family.

Where were you last night? At home, watching television and playing on the internet.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in a small town, in another country, close to my aunts and uncles and both sets of grandparents. It was a wonderful childhood.

One place that I go to over and over? The Library.

Your favorite place to eat out? When I was living in Ogden I loved going to the Union Grill or to Burrito Grande. Now that I am in a small town, I don't have a favorite place to eat out.

Wish list items? Because we are currently working on the house I wish I had a bigger budget to afford all the improvements we want to make! A new roof, gutters, a new bathroom, a new kitchen.....

Last time you laughed? I laughed a minute ago at my 16 month old who walks like he is 90.

Last time you cried? Putting Tora to sleep last month.

Part Three - The What's?

Something that you aren't? Ridiculously good looking.... oh wait.......

Last thing you did? Tried for too long to copy and paste this fetching meme.

What are you wearing? My pajamas and a long sleeve t-shirt that is very comfy.

Something you're not wearing? Shoes

Your favorite store? Hm. I don't think I have a favorite store. I like and lee valley

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