Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday thirteen: numbers

Here is my contribution to Thursday Thirteen this week. I know I haven't been doing many TT posts lately, but I hope to be back on track now.

#1. One is the number I would like to see my team (Liverpool FC) finish in this season!

#2. Two is the number of dogs I have currently - Zuva and Tora (you can kinda see them in this picture).

#3. Three is the number of staff I have working at pub night tonight, though "working" doesn't really define what they are doing.

#4. Four is the number of kids we had at the house today under the age of 2. What a crazy day for me and a crazier one for my spouse after I left for work.

#5. Five is the number of assignments I have to complete for my current class. Five is the number of assignments I haven't started yet, but when I do I will "SLAVE" over them!

#6. Six is the number of keys I have on my residence keychain. I actually have three different keychains so if I happen to lose one of them I won't lose the keys to my entire life - just 1/3 of it!

#7. Seven is the number of months remaining until I work for another college and go through yet ANOTHER transition.

#8. Eight is the number of items on my list of things to do that I completed yesterday at work.

#9. Nine is the number of letters in my middle name.

#10. Ten is the number of songs I added to my blog tonight.

#11. Eleven is the number of anniversaries my spouse and I have celebrated together.

#12. Twelve is the number of plants I have in my office - actually I currently have 10, because K-Lo is babysitting two of them in her office where they have access to a window. They were suffering light deprivation. I think we are going to have to do a plant rotation. I don't think K-Lo is too thrilled.

#13. Thirteen is the number of things waiting in my email "to follow up on" folder.

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