Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day

I don't think I have ever been this excited for an election in my lifetime.
We are on the verge of seeing the first African American voted into office in the USA and I can't be more thrilled. (I am almost as excited to vote for a new major in my town - LOL).
Today is my in-laws anniversary. They are dyed in the wool republicans through and through and they will vote that way until they can't vote anymore - which will be when they are dead. I wouldn't put it past my MIL to come back and haunt someone after she has passed just to get them to vote republican in her memory. I can see haunted polling booths in the future where all the votes for democrats in the computers get "miraculously" erased.
Since it is her anniversary AND voting day, I had to call her this morning to wish her a happy day on the morn of historic events in her countries history. I am sure she was thrilled to hear from me. She is a great sport and had a good laugh, even though I am certain she is sick to her stomach at the thought of a democrat in office.
I am counting the minutes to the closing of the polls and I can guarantee that we will be tuned to CNN and Fox news tonight.
(My MIL calls CNN the "communist news network" and ONLY watches Fox news. My spouse watches Fox news to see how they "spin" things, but then she also listened to Dr. Laura....)
This is exciting.
(after I wrote that this is exciting I remember thinking in days of yore that only OLD people got excited about elections. I know I am old now because my spouse pointed out to me last night I was getting not a grey hair, but a grey STREAK. AI AI AI !)

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