Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bullet Sunday 2

This is my second installment of Bullet Sunday. I took the idea from Dave.

  • POLITICS. For the most part I don;t think people change much in their political beliefs once they reach adulthood. I have had conversations and debates and even arguments about politics with people whom I respect but whom have absolutely nothing in common with me politically. I think when I am through with these conversations, that it is very unlikely that they will say anything to sway my opinion and so I have little hope that I will sway theirs. Having said that, my own opinion on the death penalty has changed almost 180 degrees since meeting my spouse 12 years ago. My spouse and I have had some pretty heated debates about the death penalty. I was a firm supporter of it and she is not. While I still believe in it - and I still believe some people just should be put to death rather than spend my tax dollars supporting them for the rest of their lives, I think there are WAYYYYYYYYYY too many people on death row who should not be. While I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, here is some info on someone (Damien Echols) who I think should NOT be on death row. Link here.
  • TEETH. Let us not underestimate the value of good teeth. I do not have them. I inherited bad teeth from a long line of people with bad teeth. While I am proud of my heritage, I would trade my teeth in half an instant. As much as I hate my teeth, I hate dentists more. My dentist in particular is very good at what he does, but when you are captive in the chair you are subjected to preaching hour - or more if you have crappy teeth and get stuck in the chair longer. I tend to make dentist appointments and then cancel them with regularity. I usually follow this pattern until I am caught in a situation like the one I find myself in today. The tooth I went to (and got a root canal on) has now disintegrated around the temporary filling that was put in. I was supposed to go back and get the temporary filling replaced. They said it wouldn't last long. It has lasted longer that the piece of crap tooth that had fallen apart around it and is now cutting into my gums and lip. Damn teeth. Damn dentist.
  • P!NK. She is DAMN fine. Heaven only knows I am not the person one would go to for advice on clothing choice, unless you wanted to know what t-shirt slogan I liked the best. Sometimes I even manage to get a shirt and socks the same color (if they are both white). But really. P!NK in all her hotness was in sad sad shape tonight. The dress and the hair? What in lands name was that about? She's so hot I will forgive her. Queen Latifah on the other hand, I do not forgive. Not hot enough to excuse that horrible outfit.

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