Tuesday, November 18, 2008

stealing from my 2 cents

Some people steal memes from random blogs, or if someone tags them. I steal memes also, but I seem to steal them all from the same place. So I am starting a new category... "stealing from my 2 cents". You can link to him here. It's worth it.

Sometimes I just need: to sleep all night through, then sleep all day, then sleep some more. Sometimes I want: food that cannot be purchased in my town.
Sometimes I like to: swear LOTS, because I can.
Sometimes all it takes: is more money.
Sometimes I picture: my home renovations complete.
Sometimes I wish: my homework was already done.
Sometimes I find: change in my pockets and it makes me happy
Sometimes I take: a powder for my head.
Sometimes I look: in the mirror and wonder who the hell is looking back at me.
Sometimes I hate: that every time we eat we have to wash dishes.
Sometimes it’s nice: to go on a vacation.
Sometimes it hurts: to stub my toe that sticks out like it is not attached to my body.
Sometimes it makes me happy: to see my son smile.
Sometimes it’s sad: when favorite television shows end and never return.
Sometimes I listen: to music while I drive.
Sometimes I sleep: but not very often lately.
Sometimes I like to watch: people.
Sometimes I feel: like I don't want period cramps EVER again.
Sometimes I rant: very loudly and then when my voice echoes it scares me.
Sometimes I never: want to work another day in my life.
Sometimes I really: wish.

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