Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bullet Sunday 1

I am not a great web surfer, although I do spend a considerable amount of time doing it I tend to go to the same sites over and over and over again and I rarely see anything new or exciting.

Yesterday (while I was in class no less) I was surfing the we while participating in/listening to a conversation on white power and multiculturalism and I came across Dave at (If you are interested you can link to him here)

Because I was so very interested and engaged in the conversation in class, I read back over a lot of his posts and thoroughly enjoyed his writing.

In the highest form of flattery, I am going to copy his idea of Bullet Sunday. Here is my first installment.

  • FOOD ALLERGIES. Right now everyone (but me) in the house is pretty sick, and I am just in denial about my illness. Usually when someone in the house gets sick we go through the regime of soup, ginger ale, crackers, etc. which carries us through to better days. Now we had to go and have a son with extreme allergies. Wheat allergy - translates to no crackers and no noodles in chicken noodle soup. Milk Allergy - no crackers, no noodles, then add no cream soups. And the list goes on. This kid is hard enough to feed on a "normal day". Sick days are straight from where Satan dwells.
  • PARENTING ADVICE. In the waiting room, of the hospital on Friday I was looking at a parenting magazine. In completely unscientific reporting style I cannot recall the name of the mag, but there was a subtitle on the cover about sleep deprivation which caught my eye so I picked it up to see if they had any nifty suggestions I hadn't thought of yet. One of the suggestions in the article was to walk up and down the stairs with the baby in the middle of the night because the motion might settle the baby. While I will be the first to admit I am NOT an expert on babies OR on sleep deprivation, I have experienced both and I do NOT recommend walking up and down stairs in the middle of the night carrying baby. DON'T DO IT. I think someone who made the suggestion was deprived of something more than sleep.
  • ROOIBOS TEA. When I was growing up and living in Zimbabwe, my grandmother at tea time would make me rooibos tea and toast with vegemite or marmite. I grew up loving both and they are a comfort to me when I am ill. Living in Canada and the USA I would have to rely on visitors from Africa to bring Rooibos tea when they came. Visits were not frequent and I often ran out of tea before I could get more. In college I found an online import store where I could order Rooibos and I was over the moon. If anyone has been watching television lately, Rooibos tea is all of a sudden the BEST thing since sliced bread. Apparently it has all kinds of antioxidants and other things people find desirable in tea. Now you can find the stuff EVERYWHERE. It was even one of Oprah's favorite things in an edition of her monthly magazine. While I am very glad I can walk into any store and find some. I feel in a way as though something special has been robbed from me.

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