Thursday, February 7, 2008

weather request

This is the picnic table where we sit for coffee break in the summer at work.

I'd like to put in a weather request.
I know I have chosen to live in the north with my family and part of living in the north means cold winters.
I don't hate winter. I like snow because it covers up the ugly brown of death following the fall, but can we PLEASE get an increase in temperature? We are currently sitting at -23 degrees celcius (around -9 degrees F). Because the wind never stops blowing, the actual temperature is colder than that. A few weeks ago the temperature was -53 degrees F.
We have been very lucky this winter because we moved out to an acreage with a LONG driveway and we don't have any snow removal implements other than shovels. We have some contractors using our yard for their staging area while they do work on a bridge by our house and they have been great about ploughing out our driveway. A couple of times I would not have made it out of the yard for DAYS without their help. Shovelling snow when it is -23 (or colder) takes a very long time and energy - neither of which I have much of.
It is snowing now. The snow can come, but PLEASE PLEASE can we get some warmer air up this way?

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byrningbunny said...

So now we're LUCKY that they are parked in our driveway?!! lol