Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: songs I will download

I got all excited about NaBloPoMo monthly challenge for March. NaBloPoMo USED to be about blogging every day for the month of November. Now the challenge has been extended on a monthly basis and the topic for March is "LISTS".

I'm a good list maker. I can make lists that would amaze you - unless lists DON'T amaze you, then you would just think I was a bit of a freak - like my spouse thinks. However, I am excited to do the list a day for the month of March and in my excitement I think I have had some kind of a brain freeze on topics to write about here for the rest of the month. I have been pretty busy at work which makes a difference to how much energy I have for blogging. The busier I am the less energy I have to write something riveting. (assuming anything I write is riveting)

I thought I would make Thursday 13 be about how many unique ways I can procrastinate, then I realized I don't want to reveal myself TOO much to the three people who might read this blog because if I wrote about how I procrastinate then every time they ever see me they with think " Ah HAH, Julie is procrastinating again." Maybe they already know I am?

I'm not feeling hugely motivated right now but I did promise my spouse I would blog today so here goes my thirteen for today. if this works how I want it to you should be able to click on each one for a link to the utube video of each song.

13 songs (out of THOUSANDS) I will download to my mp3 player when I stop procratinating it ...

1. Outkast "Hey Ya"
2. Black Eyed Peas "Where is the Love"
3. Beth Hart "LA song"
4. KT Tunstall "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree"
5. Godsmack "Voodoo"
6. Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah"
7. Rob Thomas "Now Comes the Night"
8. Daughtry "Over You"
9. Sean Paul "Get Busy"
10. Matchbox20 "3am"
11. Toad the Wet Sprocket "Throw it All Away"
12. Indigo Girls "Last Tears"
13. Dave Matthews Band "Ants Marching"

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