Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: favorite romantic gestures

Thirteen Things about my favorite romantic gestures

My favorite romantic gestures ... because my spousal unit posted hers

1. Cooking with onions (because she hates them so)
2. Holding hands. This is how we first "got together" and I love the reminder - also because we really don't hold hands in public because we somewhat fear being bashed, so when we do hold hands "I like it a lot"
3. Walking together at night on the golf course in the summer
4. Kick butt Easter baskets
5. Putting lotion on my elbows. I am not good at the putting on of lotion. I simply don't take the time to do it. I have crackly elbows and she takes care of them for me
6. Buying me roses on the opening night of my acting debut. This is a bigger deal than it seems because we live in a teeny northern Canadian town, with not a lot of access to fresh flowers in the dead of winter
7. Packing food for road trips, and packing my bag for me when I go to school. I need to track down the picture we took in the U-Haul when we left for our trip up here and scan it in so I can show you. Man there was a LOT of good food, and she always packs my favorites!
8. Letting me win at scrabble
9. Laughing at my jokes
10. Letting me take naps in the afternoon on the weekend when technically it is my time to be hanging with 17 month old M
11. Coming with me to the great white north where we needed to relocate in order to preserve our relationship (the grand ol' US of A would not allow a multinational gay couple to stay together legally - even if we WANTED to contribute to taxes etc!)
12. Watching "Set it off" with me in the theater all alone and not walking away thinking I was a whacko when I couldn't stop SOBBING.
13. Sitting on the toilet (with the seat down - DUR) when M and I bath. I know at the end of a long day the last thing she wants to do is watch me play in the tub with the Maxster, so I love it when she comes and chats with me as we splash

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Anonymous said...

SHE sounds lovely! lol

AJ Chase said...

Isn't it nice to have someone who loves you?

Toia said...

Great TT.