Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: things in my office

Here are 13 things that are in my office right now:

Some plants.

A jar of coins

A goofy punching bag

An Ozzy Bobblehead

Stapler and hole puncher (which I could not do without)

A mickey mouse can

A watering can

A bong - which I confiscated (it does not belong to me.... well, I guess it does now!)

A poster about something near and dear to my heart. (Neve Campbell)

My africa carving

A coke ad

A dog toy. (yes, it is called "heave a beaver, but that's not ENTIRELY why I have it)

A buddha.

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Janet said...

a bong...LMAO! Haven't seen one of those in years!

byrningbunny said...

Loved it! I'm so glad you chose to do the photos. Why didn't you just admit that the bong was yours? j/k

mapsgirl said...

I need a goofy punching bag for my office!!

Thanks for the cute list!