Monday, February 4, 2008

Partners in Crime

It may look very innocent but it is not. These two have partnered up and planned late night crib rendezvous. Helios has figured out some way to open Max's door from the outside and join him in the crib. He waits until the witching hour when all the family is dead to the world and then makes his sneak attack. He climbs into the crib with Max and wakes him up and then they start to play. Max of course gets carried away and even though I am certain Helios attempts to keep him quiet he cannot help but let a squeal of joy escape. Since he has learned the art of stealth from me - and therefore CANNOT be quiet no matter how he tries, he wakes up the whole house with his laughter.
They are punks. Both of them.
As a result of this little 3am tete a tete, everyone else in the entire house is exhausted. They think it is the "cats meow." They can't wait to do it again.


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byrningbunny said...

Why does it sound so funny here, but feel so awful at 3am?