Tuesday, February 19, 2008

17 months old today

Hey there my main man.

Today you are 17 months old. It's hard to believe you have been here for so long already. I still feel sleep deprived from the first months after you came home from the hospital but you are a GREAT night sleeper (when Helios is not opening your bedroom door and sneaking into your crib for nightly play sessions). I have had a few days off this week and you have almost driven me completely whacko. You want to communicate with us so much but not matter how hard I try I CANNOT UNDERSTAND what you are screaming about. So you scream some more. I DO understand the screams of frustration and this week I have wanted to join you. Screaming. In frustration. And then you smile.

Yesterday your mom and I went into town to the grocery store. You are so curious looking at everything and everyone and you were GREAT sitting in the cart almost the whole time - usually you get bored very quickly and try to stand up in the seat. On our way out of the store I was pulling the cart and mom was holding you - you had both hands on the handle of the cart and you were "pushing". Oh you LAUGHED. a deep down, gutteral laugh that had your mom and I laughing right along with you. You have such a beautiful smile and you laugh a lot. Thank goodness those moments of laughter can make me forget the screaming --temporarily.

Today we had a lady come over from Early Intervention. She did a "short" assessment on you because we have been worried about your screaming and your lack of eye contact. Of course from the moment she arrived you were looking at her right in the eyes and I don't think you screamed once. It was nice to hear that she thinks you are on track with your development (other than your speech) and she is giving us a referral to the speech therapist for you.

You are fiercely independent I am already having nightmares about what is in store for us as you grow older. You show your intelligence every moment by picking up on the things that we do and mimicing us and constantly exploring your world. it is a joy to watch you with the pets. Tora is your very best friend and your mom and I are stunned that Nyx and Helios don't go running whenever you walk into the room. Your expressions of love for them are not so gentle, we are still working on it with you and they are extremely patient.

Last night for the first time in a LONG time you woke up with a night terror. Your mom and I both came to you to make sure you were ok and you lay in my arms while your mom went to get you a new bottle. You are SO tall already, you barely fit in my arms. You are growing so fast. It was wonderful to hold you and rock you.

Sleep well baby of mine. Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine.


Anonymous said...

Brought tears to my eyes.

Dragonstar said...

Our babies are so precious - and night terrors are vile!
Make sure you keep this for him, for when he's older, so that he can have no doubt about how much you love him.