Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another meme.... Why? Why not?

1. Name one book that has really stuck with you.

I read a ridiculous amount of books so to pick one is very difficult. I would say that Orson Scott Card's Alvin Maker series has stuck with me, but books by Enid Blyton (The Faraway Tree) and Frances Hodgson Burnett (The Secret Garden)  are the books I remember from the earliest in my life.

2. Name one non-family adult who influenced you for the better.

You know I have been really lucky to have had many positive influences in my life. I feel somehow that to choose one would be doing a disservice to the others?  I would say Kathleen L. has been the most influential over the longest period of time. She is the person I see as being successful in every way and the person I would most like to be when I grow up. She has supported me as a student in University and as a professional in my career in a University setting AND personally. She is an AMAZING woman.

3. Name one really great thing about today's teens.

How sad is it that I barely know a teenager today? When I worked in Corrections my whole life was all about teenagers. Now I have two kids under the age of six and I don't even CARE about teenagers. Actually. I would like a really good babysitter, so I hope today's teens are responsible and like babysitting.

4. Who should be the Democratic nominee?

Barack Obama.

5. Who should be the Republican nominee?

Anyone but Mitt Romney!

6. The perfect Spring Vacation would be:

Taking my family to Disneyland

7. You win $50,000 to spend on your house. What do you do?

A. Replace the roof.
B. Redo the bathroom.
C. Add another bathroom.
D. Finish rewiring.
E. Put up a sweet fence.

8. You win another $50,000 but you have to give it away. What do you do?

Give it to my mother to start her new life.

9. Your worst guilty pleasure(s) is:

Sleep? Is that a guilty pleasure? Can it be?

10. You HAVE to go back to school. What do you study/learn?

Gosh. Right now that is the WRONG question to ask me because I am struggling with school so much.
If I could go anywhere and do anything I would go to Ohio State and get a doctorate in African Studies.

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