Monday, April 30, 2012

knock knock jokes

It isn't fair.
That seem to be one of Maxies favourite things to say lately. That and "NEVER!"
I am feeling a bit like complaining about fairness myself right this second and so I will!
The boys have started into this phobia about bugs. Anything that flies. They SCREAM if they see a moth or a mosquito or a fly. Little Bit calls them all "BEES" but to my recollection he has not ever been stung and Shel and I are a fan of creepy crawlies and the role they play in the circle of life. OK. So mosquito's and flies not so much, but bees we like !
Anyway, for some unknown reason the boys have started freaking out about flying things in the house. At bedtime they are inconsolable if there is a fly in the bedroom. Last night Shel spent about half an hour swatting everything that might be alive upstairs int he boys room but they were convinced there was still something winged in the room. They would NOT settle down. After HOURS of up and down the stairs they finally came down and slept on the couch ( but this really doesn't make a lot of sense since there is more likely to be a fly downstairs than upstairs, but I was beyond offering that information to the cherubs when they FINALLY began to settle - I think it was around 3 am? Then Shel was WIDE awake. and by wide awake I mean awake enough to keep me awake.
Nevertheless we all got up this morning and went around our business as usual. Numero Uno to school, me to work, and Cherub number two, the worst of the "fly phobia" among us, what did he do? Why HE TOOK A NAP the little fetcher.
Which brings us to my complaint.
Shel is exhausted after a long night of fly busting and is asleep. Max is exhausted after a long night of fly busting and a day at school and is asleep. Little bit however is WIDE AWAKE. I am sitting on the computer and I finally brought him downstairs because his constant yelling for me was going to wake his brother and that would have been the start of another sleepless night.
He is sitting on the couch watching television. I thought he was asleep but he just said to me " KNOCK KNOCK". I replied "Whose there?"
The punch line....." Tootie butt mommy"
Not only am I up in the night with the little punk. I am the brunt of his jokes.

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