Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Provincial Election Time

It seems to happen CONSTANTLY.

Driving to work I still see elections signs in the ditches that weren't cleaned up from the last election... wait, that was a federal one?

Whoever it is, it seems like elections in Alberta never end. Federal, Municipal, Provincial, there always seems to be signs along the road to vote for someone. First on the side of the road and then in the ditch. (A pet peeve of mine - you want me to vote for you but you don't care enough about where I live to clean up after yourself?)

And yet, this time around, my interest has been piqued. I'm pretty sure it all started when the Wildrose Party unveiled it's elections bus in March.

I personally thought it was humorous. The party received all KINDS of attention as a result of the placement of the "wheels of the bus" including this statement by NDP Rachel Notley, who said the issue is not about sexism, but bad management. "They need to question the quality of their election team in allowing the bus to go forward like that," said Notley.
REALLY Rachel? Come on.

The whole bus fiasco brought the Wildrose party onto my radar screen. Who are these people?

I live in ultra-conservative Alberta. How does this happen to me? First Ultra conservative Utah, now ultra conservative Alberta? I am not a fan of the PC party but living here I feel as though the "tradition" of the PC's has more weight in elections than the issues and though I always cast my vote against them it feels a bit futile.

The other night while sitting at home the phone rang. Not anything new. I answered it. Something new! The person on the phone identified themselves as calling from the Wildrose party. Under normal circumstances I would have thanked them, or not, and hung up. I have been mildy interested in finding out who they are though and so I thought I would take a few minutes to have a discussion. The caller asked if I had decided who I was voting for in the upcoming election. I said I was undecided. She thanked me and hung up!
I suppose all they were looking for was a number of people voting, but I think they missed an opportunity to tell me a little about their stance on issues when I was willing to have a conversation.

So I have taken it upon myself to check into who these people are. Well surprise, surprise they are another right wing political party. Having said that I think it is time that the PC's in Alberta are given a run for their money. All is not well in provincial politics in Alberta!

I am interested to see where this election takes the province, and I just hope after all is said and done the signs are cleaned up!

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