Monday, May 28, 2012

Marble race tracks

Some time has passed since my last post.. I caught pink eye last week and it is proving VERY difficult to get rid of. It seems as though since the weather started improving the days, in spite of more sunlight, have become shorter and shorter - or maybe just packed with more things to do?

I have become addicted to pinterest. I LOVE the ideas I am finding there for recipes and things to do in the garden and ideas for the boys. I saw an idea there a few weeks ago for a marble race track made with a pool noodle cut in half and I knew the boys would love it. On Friday on my way home from work I stopped at the dollar store and picked up some noodles to make the tracks with. I was right - the boys have loved playing with them. The problem has proven to be the puppy, who likes to be where ever the boys are AND who likes to chew whatever she encounters - pool noodles are the perfect consistency for a good chew - so trying to play with marbles and negotiate around the puppy has been a bit tough. I also ration marbles so nothing gets left for Rescue puppy to choke on. Max is unimpressed with the "check in and check out" system of marbles!

CJ calls his tracks the "Superhero Racetrack" because everything in CJ's life revolves around superheroes (and motorcycles). To be honest I am surprised he even stopped playing superhero long enough to drop a few marbles.

I did try to get some photos of them playing with the tracks, but they never stop moving so the photos did not turn out at all.

Max is much more imaginative with his tracks and makes them into ramps and all kinds of things. I think I need to try and make a video instead of trying to take still shots.


Teena in Toronto said...

I've stayed away from Pinterest ... I don't have time for another addiction :)

JCB said...

I am totally addicted to Pinterest and I LOVE it!