Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Outing

My spousal unit read in the paper that a town near us had opened a small water park for the kids. The weather FINALLY heated up this weekend enough for us to decide it was worth packing our kids into the vehicle and taking a little jaunt. Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time will know that my oldest is the WORST traveller. He absolutely DOES not travel well at all, basically he screams the entire time he is in the vehicle and so we are quite "discretionary" when it comes to deciding to travel with him anywhere.

So the weekend came. It got hot. Both our boys LOVE to be in the water. The van has air conditioning. So we decided it would be completely worth it to go to the waterpark and check it out.

We piled into the van. We endured the screaming. We got to the park and got unloaded and covered with sunscreen. My spousal unit carried the baby to the water and dipped his toes in and he SCREAMED blue murder. Well that was enough for the oldest to decide he wanted nothing to do with it.

So we spent some time sitting in the very scarce shade, watching other kids play in the water!
They have this little thing set up that is called the kiddy car wash and it resembles (in a vague way) a car wash. The kids run through it and get splashed as they go. Right in the middle there are three posts ( I will have to upload a photo to better illustrate what it looks like) and they posts are supposed to be the spinning sponge things that wash the cars. Unfortunately they are not sponge, they are metal. VERY HEAVY metal. These posts squirt water right into the kids eyes if they happen to be the right height, so the kids run in, get squirted in the eye, shut their eyes, keep running, and on more than one occasion, they SMASH right into one of the posts. In the short time that we were there it happened three times. I was just waiting for blood and bone to come protruding out of small people craniums and I was grateful that my son was not interesting in running through because if he had been, it would have been HIS head split open.

You can tell the designer of this play area does not have small children!

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Teena in Toronto said...

It's been a crazy summer so far weather-wise!

I'll go for a burrito with you next time you're in town!