Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pet Peeves

Occasionally the topic of pet peeves will come up in conversation. Whenever the topic is brought up I have difficulty thinking of things that REALLY annoy me on a consistent basis. I know this is difficult to believe if you are someone who knows me - because I think I am irritated a lot (lol),
but I honestly do have a hard time thinking of things on the spur of the moment related to this topic.

So when I was in the grocery store this week and the bagger was "helping" me to bag my items I thought to myself, I really need to write this down somewhere so the next time someone asks me what are pet peeves I can look it up and give an answer.


I know they are there to help and I am pretty sure that some of them take their job very seriously, but most of them don't WANT to be bagging, or if they are bagging it is so they can talk to their friends at the till and not to pay attention to my groceries as they go into the bags.
When I am loading my groceries onto the little turntable thinger I pay attention. I try to put items that are the same together in groups so they can be packed together. I keep my veges and fruits and breads until the very end. I put all the baby food jars together and all the cat food cans together. So when I get home and I have SOS cleaning pads in the same bag as my strawberries, not only am I confused, I AM MAD!

I have no idea how the super sized can of tomato sauce always ends up ON TOP OF my bananas.
In fact, I'm pretty sure one time I didn't even BUY a can of tomato sauce and one STILL ended up crushing my bananas!

I don't understand how when I buy a birthday card it ends up in a bag all by itself, but my baby food jars all end up in one bag. All 100 of them. Just so that the bag can break as I try to lift it out of the cart and into the van and so they can break and roll all over the parking lot. Thank goodness my card was in a bag all protected and didn't get any baby food spilled on it.

The other day I stopped at the deli and I purchased a rotisserie chicken. The thing was so hot the girl could not even close the bag because of the steam. So when I get to the checkout the bagger asks me -- "Do you want the chicken in with the cucumber?" I wanted to say "Oh, yea, there is nothing I like more than cooked cucumber with my chicken". I suppose I should be glad they asked and didn't just do it like they normally do.

And just one last thing.

I go through the grocery store with a baby in the front of the cart, most of the time strapped in (as the "help me" person at walmart likes to point out). When I get to the check-out and the bagger puts my groceries BACK into the cart, is there anyone who can offer some insight as to why they put grocery bags into the spot where I put my baby?
I still have the baby with me. The baby is not invisible. How am I supposed to push the cart AND carry the baby? Funny how I can't find a "help me" person then. Maybe they are all in the back snacking on cooked cucumber.


Teena in Toronto said...

I go to No Frills ... we have to bag our own (hence the name).

lovesmukiwa said...

I wish we had that option. I would rather bag my own, but we don't have a no frills here :(