Thursday, July 23, 2009

some of what is happening in our LPH

I have been blogging a little about what is happening in and around our yard. This is what it used to look like if you were standing in our yard facing east. The Barn (which one day will be red) is on our property, and the property line which divides us from the farmer who owns the rest of the land around us is about 25-30 meters behind the barn. The bins you see are on his property. (Well, they WERE on his property, you will see what has happened as you scroll down)

This second picture is taking standing at those sheds and now I am facing north. This is what it looked like a little over three weeks ago.

On our property again. In the photo above these sheds seen below were right in front of me.

Now you can see the sheds are gone and the trees behind the sheds are gone. In this great big pile of trees are also some car parts and other "extra" treats that were not "cleaned" up, just moved out of the way with the big CAT.

Before the sheds came down the trees behind were cleared and a large pit was dug in the ground to push the stuff into to burn. This is behind where the sheds were.

The dugout.

There are 2 dugouts side by side. The one on our property is to the south of this one, and even though they aren't "linked" when spring runoff comes there is nothing separating the two and everything from this one will leach into ours. The farmer insists he didn't put anything "illegal" into this. He has now tried to fill this in and is about halfway done, he has only buried what you see below (and the fridge that he dumped in). I think he is a little upset that my spouse is a "stay at home" mother because he would have gotten away with a lot more if we hadn't been home to see what was happening.

This is some of the stuff that was in the trees. The two trucks were taken away and the old car was put into the pit to burn once the pit was dug. They are starting to move the wooden sheds, getting ready to burn them.

FIRE! This fire is still burning and it has been 72 hours since it was lit. It's not shooting flames like this anymore but the smoke is still pouring out of the pit. I guess that's what happens when you burn tires and all kinds of chemicals! Unfortunately it is very close to the house. Too close for my comfort.

This is what the fire pit looks like today.

The tin storage bins have been moved and they are now on our property. We were asked if they could put them there because the man currently leasing the farm needs them this fall and so they wont be ready to move until the spring. I originally said yes they could, but I am having doubts now as they seem to think they can put ANYTHING on our property now - including the old cement mixer and other piles of junk.

Also in the picture below you can see a little orange flag. That flag marks where our property begins. They "measured wrong" as you can see and they tore up the driveway which comes from behind the barn and around the yard in a big circle. They said "sorry!"

So they have "cleaned up" the property. We are hoping they will just go away, but unfortunately the tress that are left are home to a LOT more "things" like you can see below. If they ever decided to take out more trees and "clean up" some more we will endure this all again.

The last few weeks have been a fiasco in and around our place and so far it doesn't look like any end is in sight. Yesterday they dragged more stuff onto our property and they moved the markers we put to indicate what was our land and what was theirs. I think in this case good fences will make good neighbours and so it is our plan to put in a fence along the back of the property. Hopefully this will also stop them from using (and messing up) our driveway with the HUGE machinery.

We can hope right?


Cami said...

Holy Cow! I can't believe what you are going through!!!! Yeah, get that fence up A.S.A.P.! Oh, good luck with all of that. I do not envy what you are and will be going through and I sure hope your LPH stays that way!!!

Teena in Toronto said...

A lot different from my 'hood. Ha!