Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:

My life seems to be a little crazy right now and I feel like I am going from one crazy thing (home and the dispute over land etc.) to another crazy thing (school and not getting the classes finished that I planned and expected to) to yet another crazy thing (work through this transition).
The weather is bad, the baby is teething.... I guess my point is that I have been fairly focused on things I would not describe as "positive".
So I am going to try for a minute to bust out of my frame of mind and post some things I am grateful for...

1. I am grateful for two vehicles that are currently working.
2. I am grateful that I am 2/3 of my way finished with my masters program.
3. I am grateful that I have a job.
4. I am grateful that every day when I walk into my house my little boy is ridiculously happy to see me.
5. I am grateful that I am feeling better this week.
6. I am grateful that I have been able to finish reading some books in the last week that are completely unrelated to school.
7. I am grateful that there's only 12 more days until I get paid. (that could actually be a negative thought - see how easily I slip back into my negative patterns of thinking!)
8. I am grateful for music.
9. I am grateful for my family.
10. I am grateful I have only three more things to think of because this is getting difficult.
11. I am grateful I had a free lunch today :)
12. I am grateful that I got my paper turned in and graded and didn't fail :)
13. I am grateful to be back in an office where my plants are THRIVING!


Teena in Toronto said...

You have a lot to be grateful for :)

AD said...

ooohhh neat list!

Janet said...

I love thinking positively and even with humor :)