Friday, July 31, 2009

countdown is on

I have 33 minutes of work remaining before I head home for the long weekend. My spousal unit arrived unexpectedly at work with the baby in preparation for going to some garage sales so I know how I will be spending this evening! They will be back to get me pretty soon and I'll be off like a dirty shirt!

Yesterday when we were in the city we went to the library and each signed out at least 7 books. I love to go to the library with my spouse because we each head off the the areas we love respectively but when we come together I always love to see what she has chosen and try to get some of hers read before they are due back. She picked up what looks like a good one - a biography or autobiography of Jane Goodall. I would be dreaming to think I will get anything read this weekend, but I can hope right? I need to get back to working on my thesis but right now I am enjoying the break a little too much.

We even managed to get to the theater when we were in town yesterday and we caught the new Harry Potter movie. I will focus of the joy I felt just being in a theater and having popcorn and and a drink and not focus at all on how disappointing the show was! I guess for someone who is as much as a reader as I am it would be almost impossible to do justice to Harry Potter on the big screen after having read and imagined things so differently. Oh well! It was another nice getaway!

HUGE congrats to my friend and her husband who received the referral for their adoption this week and have a 6 month old baby boy waiting for them. I am more than thrilled for them and can't wait to follow their parenting journey!

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