Monday, July 13, 2009

12 of 12

I am posting this a day late because we have no computer at home right now, but all the photos were taken on the 12th (yesterday) and all of them were taken around the house, cause that's where we were all day!
We started out the afternoon checking out the flags posted by the gas company. You have to "call before you dig" and someone called and they came and posted their flags on our property. We have recently found out we have new "neighbours" who intend to farm the land right up to our property line. Don't get me wrong, we have no objection to farming, but the way in which these people have introduced themselves into our lives has left a lot to be desired. We still don't know why the flags are on our land - I hope no-one thinks they are digging here!

Someone thinks he is a cook. No BBQ today :(

Somewhere after checking out the flags, after naps, but before our walkabout and lawnmowing, we tried to do some weeding. I had a little too much help and ended up moving on to another task and left this weeding for another day.
This is the neighbours land. The cement truck has been here since we moved in. Apparently it will be removed int he next week or so. While I don't really like it, and my spouse hates it because the cats crawl underneath it and get covered in grease, it is part of the "landscape" which I have grown accustomed to and I have to admit I will miss it - a bit.

5:10 pm
There is lots of this "stuff" around. It is actually what I went on my walkabout to photograph, bu my son insisted that I push him on his trike and then he didn't want to go through the tall grass, so we ended up taking a shorter walkabout and not the one I intended. Hopefully these chemicals will be disposed of properly and not dumped in the dugout like the last batch!

5:15 pm
This is an old grain storage container. All of these are being taken down by the new owners who have much larger, and much newer grain storage on another property. We think they are kinda cool and we will miss them (more than we will miss the cement mixer).
The bottom of these are all cement and will take some work to remove, but apparently that is the intention! Lots will be happening in and around our place this summer and next to prepare for more planting space.

5:17 pm
Old door.
I don't know how well this picture shows it, but the bottom of this is completely worn through.

New lock on the old door
Somehow I don't think this lock would stop anyone from getting in and stealing the rotting canola!
A look at everything that will soon be gone.
6:00 pm
Nature is already taking some of this down, but the plan as we have been told is to put this all into a big hole in the ground and burn it.

6:45 pm
"X" marks the spot.
Back on our own property, the electric company has come through and marked the trees for removal that are interfering with the power lines. This is one of four marked to go.
Too bad it isn't one affected by the pine beetle :(

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