Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ten on tuesday: ten things I still want to accomplish this summer

Usually I participate in "ten on Tuesday" weekly. When I went to check the topic for today it was "favorite places to eat" and I am fairly certain that I have completed this topic more than a few times already and it simply does not inspire me at all today. Sorry to say I am skipping this topic this week :(
I think I will write instead about...... ten things I would still like to get accomplished before the summer is over.

1. Painting the barn
2. Prepping the garden spot for next summer
3. Planting more bulbs
4. Setting up a hanging spot on the south side of the Quonset for hanging baskets
5. Digging post holes
6. Putting up some fencing so we don't have our land "accidentally" farmed by the new neighbours.
7. Fall pruning
8. Chainsawing some dead trees before they fall on the house
9. Clearing out some more old and dying caragana
10. Playing! We have definitely not "played" enough this summer!


Teena in Toronto said...

Sounds like quite a list! Good luck!

Robin said...

Yes....good luck with your list.
Hope your Tuesday has been beautiful