Sunday, September 7, 2008


I could not wait for this weekend to start. One would think because last week was a short week, that it would have flown by and been a nice little break. Unfortunately (for me mostly), the week seemed to drag on. I was extremely busy, and I was too too tired from night duty.
Our baby seems to be doing well. He is growing and eating more and looking healthy, but he is not sleeping any better. Last night I was on night duty. It was absolutely insane. He was up ALL night long. His crying kept waking Max and then Max would cry. Because I had the light on in the bedroom, the dogs bugged me CONSTANTLY to be let out. I finally relented at 5am and let them out, but then they didn't come back for half an hour. He would eat, then cry, over and over and over in about 20 minute cycles. AI AI AI AI AI. It didn't help any that in one of my frustrated "flopping on the pillow" moments, I knocked the night stand and spilled his gripe water all down the back of the nightstand, all over the wall and on the floor. Cleaning it up is not as tragic as not having any more.
I know that we have a lot of good days, but these last few were not them. This morning I was in bed and Max was playing with the spousal unit. He tries to crawl away from her and she grabs him by the ankle and it is all shrieks of fun. Only he seems to be getting faster - and Shel is as sleep deprived as I am and not as quick as he is. He managed to get away at full speed and tip right over the foot of the bed, while we both looked on as if it was all happening in slow motion. He has a nice scratched up nose to show for it.
I go back to work tomorrow and I am starting out the week in absolutely the worst way. I am absolutely exhausted and the list of things I need to get accomplished is longer than I can even think of right now. Of course that just adds to my problem - with everything on my plate I won't get a wink of sleep tonight either.
Thank GOODNESS for Max sleeping the whole night through. I just keep hoping that we will get to that point sooner rather than later with this little guy. For now I have to just look for pictures of Max having fun to remember that there IS fun in our lives. I am too far removed right now.

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Janet said...

What is gripe water?